"I live and breathe painting: it is my passion.

The power of color has been the dominant influence in my life since my early childhood, and its impact is still felt by me today, well into my adulthood.

I am in a permanent state of meditation on colour. Some might regard this as different, but I find it to be the very well-spring of my inspiration. The challenge for me is having no absolute limit to performance: what limits I have are only momentary in nature. In every work I approach, the promise of a great play of innovation is present; and in every case I am overcome by a sense of “flight powered only by feeling”.

My meditations on colour provoke visceral emotional responses in me. These are almost palpable physical sensations – similar to those I feel when listening to music. The emotions stirred up by these contemplations I then channel into symphonies of colour on canvas. I feel that subconsciously I am replicating the delicate and subtle harmonies of music. Through my painting I try to convey to viewers the same energy, happiness and joy that I feel in my encounters with the physical world. I call this energy an “absolute energy of Love”.

Art means everything to me and there is no greater expression of my love than being able to share with others the beauty and joy I find in the world. In the same vein, my hope is to transmit the same sense of well-being that I feel in knowing that a force for good rules over our consciences. I strongly believe that sensitivity to art both ennobles and enriches human life."