Olga Rostova has a romantic and curious mind which lids her to an endless world of art with different styles and technics .

Olga was born in Moscow , Russia . She graduated from Moscow State Textile University A.N.Kosigina from Fine Art department as a fashion designer in the year 2000 . As she studied many art subject it gives her a wild range of opportunity to use it in expression her dreams and fantasies. She always experimenting & challenge herself in materials, colours and texture. She moved to the UK in 2006 and lived since in London.

Her studio based in Wimbledon in a larGE community of artists and designers where she paints in oil, acrylic , watercolour and ink. Olga works with different surfaces such as leather, fur, wood, paper, canvas, silk, glass, ceramics etc. She is passionate about colours and feelings . Art psychology leads her to use colour as an instrument to affect on mood state . While she continues to paint, her artistic talent is not limited to painting: she has a years of work in fashion industry as a designer , make-up artist, promoter.

”All my life I am looking for shimmering elusive beauty in this world . My goal is to show how amazing every little thing around us and spread happiness trough my work”