Throughout the works runs a theme of voyeurism. A private space is created in which the subject themselves become a part.

The use of fabric is an important element in the paintings and it is used to create a world to become lost in, creating an ambiguous space. The lines become blurred in parts and it becomes harder to see where the fabric of the clothing ends and the background begins.

Dramatic lighting works with the material, creating deep dark folds in some areas and highlighting others. It is as if we are stood in the dark shadows of the painting looking in on someone’s private moment. They appear seemingly unaware of our observation, leaving the onlooker feeling like they are not supposed to be there.

The use of pattern in some of the pieces, works in a way that creates movement in the background. It is as if you can look beyond the pattern, as if there is another world in there and the girl has found herself belonging to this.

Works of artists such as Vermeer, Matisse and Hopper have been of great influence as well as textile designers like William Morris.

Each creating pieces that use pattern or that appear to capture a snapshot in time.

Various paintings have been displayed in galleries and art fairs in Newcastle, London and Hertfordshire and in May 2010 a piece was exhibited at London Bridge station as part of a one off exhibition.

The artist studied for her foundation at Wimbledon College of Art and a degree in fine art at Newcastle University.

She also takes on Landscape and portrait commissions.