Daphne Stephenson is becoming increasingly well known for her unique style of Primitive Naïve Art.

Although she paints British and European scenes, her great passion is producing large tropical jungle paintings with lush vegetation and exotic animals and birds. These are inspired from her wonderful early childhood memories living in Pakistan with holidays in Kashmir and her later extensive travels through India and Africa.

Daphne started her career working for well established companies as an In-House Designer designing scarves, ties and gift wrapping paper, before becoming a Professional Enameller for Bilston & Battersea Enamels and  Halcyon Days in Brook Street.

After the onset of ‘chronic fatigue’ for a period of years, she gave up working for high profile companies and began Art classes for children around her kitchen table as a single mother.

This soon grew into 14 children attending every week and hiring a church hall to accommodate everyone. Daphne was subsequently Headhunted by 4 schools over 10 years to teach primary and GCSE Art. “I always felt I had to give everything I had to children before concentrating on my own artistic ventures and becoming a Solo Artist”.

Her big break came along, when she was commissioned by Debby Brice (a Lehman Brother)who commissioned enough work to keep Daphne busy for over three years. She now owns the largest collection of her works amounting to 14 paintings hanging in Lyford Cay in The Bahamas.

The rest is history!

She joined the Association of British Naïve Artists and became Chairman for over 9 years. Daphne has since exhibited at The Royal Academy, Agora Gallery Soho, New York, Masterworks Museum, Bermuda, John Martin,Piccadilly, ING Bank and 28 Cork Street amongst others.

Her very rare One Woman Exhibitions was held in Earlscourt, London October 2017 and she has worked almost solely on commissions since then with an increasing client base of work. This includes a large poster for a film in the making based on the true life story of Ernest Hemingway.

Her works now hang in the United States, Bahamas, Bermuda, Barbados and the Seychelles, Spain, Austria, Holland, France, Portugal, Britain, Scotland and recently in Singapore, Dubai and Lebanon.