Alanna eakin

Alanna is a London based painter. She began her career after graduating from Central Saint Martins with a degree in Fine Art.

Alanna’s artwork takes on two forms, one expressive and the other controlled and figurative. Her notion derives from an impulsive and captive love of deep, vibrant, saturated colour and a fascination with ‘vintage’ and upcycling. She has an intent to renew and revive vibrant patterns, florals and kitsch elements of the past. Her figurative work is life-like in technique but always features a 1950s kitsch animal or two blow up to surreal proportion. 

In her recent body of abstract work Alanna, has an initial immediacy, inspired by nature, patterns, pottery or fabrics.  In her urgency to create her vision she begins working quickly onto the canvas, balancing the colour around the canvas using a mixture of acrylic mediums to layer, edit and experiment. Later her paintings evolve as part of the creative process and therefore become a balance of spontaneity and control. The result establishes a concise colour palette which she then works into with small details from her initial inspiration. The results are enchanting and uplifting allowing the viewers eyes to dance around the canvas finding something new in each detail.

Alanna works on stretched canvas and on paper on various scales. For details on where to see her work visit her website or get in touch to arrange a viewing. She is happy to accept commissions.