Alan Carlyon Smith is an artist who works with materials, people and places. Curatorship, facilitating ideas and making often converge in projects. His recent ventures in the Shaw Gallery include curating shows by the contemporary sculptor Martha Macdonald and painter/sculptor Giacomo Picca. Working across the arts, he orchestrated ‘Ballets Russes’ which was an event involving the London Russian Ballet School performing in the Mitre Theatre in harmony with an exhibition of painting, sculpture and an academic address. Another collaboration of International artists was featured in ‘Art Jazzed Up’ whereby the Artist Alban Low responded to a band of professional jazz musicians, with a live painting performance and hundreds of artists across the globe submitted empathetic art work. 

Alan has worked in the public domain and contributed work to the ‘Art of Caring’ in the Rose Theatre Kingston and in Paddington Hospital and also St Raphael’s Hospice in Sutton. Last year his work was also included in the 70th Anniversary of Korean Liberation International Art Exhibition in Seoul. He also participated in the Connect Collect retrospective exhibition at Kensington & Chelsea College. 

As a studio artist he works in a range of mediums and was shortlisted for the BP Portrait Award at the National Portrait Gallery. He has a studio in the Wimbledon Art Studios and took part in the Open Studios event. He has exhibited at a range of London and Northern galleries over the years.