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Screen Printing Workshop + Scrap Store Visit

Tuesday 17 April
10.30am - 3.30pm
Suitable for 16+
Tickets from £55pp, book via

This one day workshop is a fantastic opportunity to experiment with unusual surfaces sourced from Scrap Store, and print-making using silk screens and stencils. 

The participants will be guided through each stage of the process with a series of demonstrations and wide range of samples to take ideas from Scrap Store. There will be several activities throughout the one day workshop to encourage confidence using the found materials and objects. Inspiration will be taken from your own projects or mainly focusing on abstract shapes to get you started, images provided by Nicole and objects and materials by Scrap Store. 

These workshops are a chance to gain an experience and try something new, and all work created can go towards personal projects, or to just have a go! Printers are also encouraged to take a look at home for anything you could up-cycle and transform through print. Please bring up to 4 items to print onto.

Have a go at making your own stencils at home so that you can spend more time printing. We recommend you use thin acetate sheets to make the stencils, keep it simple and keep it A3 size and under. Avoid making stencils from thin paper. Beginner printers are welcome and for those who are curious about textiles processes and mark making.

To make your prints machine washable, iron your items for 3 – 5 minutes, gentle wash.

10:30 - 11:30: Meet at Wimbledon Art Studio's common room where the workshop will take place. Coffee and Teas provided. We will go through the equipment + demonstrations on the process. After questions and discussions on your ideas we will then walk to Scrap Store (7 minute walk).

11:30 - 12:30: Introduction from the Scrap Store team on how the store works and where the materials come from. You will then have 45 minutes to look around and source materials which you would like to print onto. This could be a range of papers, fabrics objects to draw from, colour swatches. Each printer is limited to one bag which you can stuff with objects and surfaces that interest you.

12:30 - 13:30: Back at Wimbledon Art Studios to look at the materials and objects sourced. We begin to draw and make stencils ready for screen printing. 

Lunch: You are free to take a break at any point during the day. 

13:30 - 15:30:  Continue to develop the stencils and screen print onto the materials sourced. 

Scrap Store promote the re-use of resources for environmental and community benefit. As a non-for-profit organisation staffed mainly by volunteers, they take a wide rage of donated clean waste materials from businesses and individuals. The materials can be used for; educational, artists, play, creative, social or therapeutic activities. Making items that may be sold solely for charitable benefits. 

Address: 13 Blackshaw Road SW17 0DA

If you would like to be a member of Scrap Store the team will take your details and they will organise this for you after the workshop. 

Please see here for the prices:

The Scrap Store visit is included in the workshop ticket. £5 per person will be donated to the Scrap Store. If you would like to be a member the team will deduct £5 from your membership. 

We have free parking available at the studios, please make sure you put your name and number on the dashboard of the car + Nicole Line Workshops 07590376528.. 

We have a Tesco close by and coffee shops too. Please do bring a packed lunch so that we can make the most of the day. 

The workshop will take place in the common room. Throughout the day artists from the studios will pop in and make tea and lunch for themselves. 

Nicole Line is a sessional tutor at University for the creative Arts working with the Fashion & Textile Foundation students in Epsom and BA Textile students in Farnham. Nicole also works in other areas of print-making, collaborating with corporate companies and designers. ‘Tactility is very important to me as a designer and textile tutor. I see the students I teach as an extension of my practice and it’s exciting to see how they use materials within their own work.’

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