Vera Blagev is a London based artist creating colourful modern mixed media artwork inspired by nature. Having travelled to more than 50 countries, and lived in three of them (including America and Bulgaria), Vera now calls London her home. Vera has exhibited and sold her work in the UK and the USA, is a grant recipient from the Washington DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, and was one of the winning artists of the inaugural Pebeo Mixed Media Competition in 2016.

Vera is interested in creating artwork that is fundamentally beautiful, joyful and uplifting. Her work is predominantly inspired by the dramatic landscapes, seascapes as well as beautiful flowers and plants that Vera has encountered during her travels. Vera creates artwork that is striking and eye catching. She displays the fantastically varied colours and textures of the natural world in her arts practice using a variety of media, including water-based media (calligraphy ink and liquid acrylic ink), acrylic paints, and metal leaf (gold leaf, silver leaf, etc.). Vera’s use of colour is one of her strong points as she showcases vibrant colours that jump out of the paintings.

In to being a fine artist, Vera is a blogger and founder of a London network of over 150 artists called the London Professional Artists Network. You can learn more about the network here and keep up to date with Vera’s work by signing up to her Dispatches from the Art Studio here.