Studio 249

Facebook: SoniaStanburyArt


Sonia paints semi abstract worlds that stem from her interest in the marine world, psychology and human biology.

She is an avid diver, who loves being in deep water. When the breathing slows down and you just float through space, she finds that state of being very meditative. Is it similar to the state of deep relaxation during hypnosis or even dreaming.

Her experience of working in psychiatry ward and her studies of therapeutic hypnosis leaves her very interested in the inner workings and structures of the mind.

She draws parallel between diving into the undiscovered spaces of human mind and diving in the sea.

This brings lots of inspiration to her semi abstract paintings, where she creates imaginary spaces for the viewer to be in.

Sometimes that spaces are empty and quiet. And sometimes there are structures that symbolise the life at cellular level or even the creation of life.

Her works are mainly paintings in oil, but she also uses acrylics, resin or wax to create different layers and texture. Some of her more realistic marine life creations are in ceramics or painted on silk.

Another of her favourite habitats is the jungle, where she travels when backpacking, mainly in south east Asia and Costa Rica. This reflects in some more tropical colours and designs.