With a background in fine art, London’s vibrant street markets of Shepherd’s Bush and Brixton fed Shanna Bent's desire for individualism and after studying textiles at secondary school, began to up-cycle her school bags and weekend outfits as her interests steered more towards apparel. Despite being naive to the luxury world, she set her sights high on the most prestigious Art School in the UK – Central Saint Martins.

There she refined her craft and then went on to graduate from London College of Fashion to working for the greats; Alexander McQueen, Agent Provocateur, and Roland Mouret. Here she had her first taste for luxury and hungered for more after falling in love with the innovation, craftsmanship, and lifestyle. She leaned towards the minimalist approach of the sexualised French and how it inspires women to be confident in her body and sexuality whilst still being empowered.

She launched her brand in 2016 where she were incessantly developed her collections over her bedroom floor until she found her first hints of success on Instagram and eventually moved into the studios. Today, she continues to inspire women everywhere as she grows evermore.

Maison Bent now caters to the “Femme Du Monde” by providing the ultimate blend of minimalism and culture through luxury. A guilty pleasure amongst the world of the escapists.