Sarah Warren

Sarah Warren is a London based artist.

“Nature, dreams and the subconscious have inspired me to bring that essence into my art. It is almost a sense of the unknowable that I have tried to capture, something mysterious and elusive. It seems that this is a never ending source to draw upon.

If I was to describe my painting style I hope it would be some kind of visual poetry. I love experimenting with textures and colour and working with all sorts of media. At the moment I have discovered dyed silver leaf and the colours produced from mica which can be iridescent. I find them a wonderful source to paint with, although I use acrylics as the base of all my paintings. 

I have a previous career as a Jewellery Designer and silversmith. I have had many exhibitions and my work is in the Private Collection of Goldsmiths Hall. However when my children were young it was easier for me to paint. 

I was introduced to a Middle Eastern agent who tried out my paintings in the Gulf States. As they sold well, painting commissions started to come in and this was how my life as a fine artist began.”