Sarah Ellen Reiter

Creativity has always played a prominent role in Sarah’s life. She didn’t always pursue art as a form of expression.  Rater she had chosen to a career in marketing, it brought with it an element of creativity she wished to incorporate into her day-to-day life. In 2018 she felt something was missing and  took a risk to leave her career in marketing behind. Since picking up a  paintbrush last March her works has transformed from abstract to non-abstract forms where vibrancy of colour and paint technology is at the forefront of each of her paintings. As a self-thought artist she relies on intuition when it comes to the canvas, this practice works beautifully for her in creating an organic and free-flowing stream of creativity without obstacles. Most importantly for Sarah she view’s her art as something that is for others not her, she is only the tool that brings these creations into existence.