pascale sola

Pascale’s passion for painting started in Paris where she discovered her passion for 17th-century art, leading her to join evening classes where she specialised in different oil painting techniques such as glaze.

Having moved to London in 1998, she started her career as an Interior Designer in 2004 alongside painting from home as a hobby.

Pascale settled into Wimbledon Art Studios in August 2018 with a desire to pursue her passion further. Influenced by Georgio Morandi, Mark Rothko, Hammershoi and Lawrence Carroll, Pascale is fascinated by shapes, volumes and light. In 2019 she has chosen to focus her skills on painting domestic items which we usually do not pay attention to, challenging herself to catch viewers' attention by making them appear as beautifully intriguing sculptured items. Pascale  particularly enjoys working with restrictive palettes of colours as monochromes reflect her need for peace and simplicity. Playing with lights and shadows brings a powerful ambiance to her artworks, set still in time and yet provoking viewers to wonder about the bigger picture each piece might be part of in the artists' mind.

As G. Morandi once said, " One can travel the world and see nothing. To achieve understanding it is necessary not to see many things, but to look hard at what you do see'. This is what drives Pascale in her work.