pascale sola

“I’m a French native, London based artist and interior designer. Both of my passions work in symbiosis: not only is my art inspired from my work, but I also produce commisioned artwork for my clients to bring a final touch to their home."

Pascale’s passion for painting started in Paris where she discovered her passion for 17th-century art, leading her to join classes where she specialised herself in different oil painting techniques such as glaze.

Having moved to London in 1998, she started her career as an Interior Designer in 2004 alongside painting from home as a hobby.

Now, co-founder of her own interior design company, P&P Interiors, Pascale has taken further painting masterclasses in London and has settled into the Wimbledon Art Studio with a desire to pursue her passion further.

Her goal for 2019 is to bring her passion for art and repertoire of techniques even closer together with her everyday environment as a designer, with a focus on working with colours, perspectives, still-life and interiors.