Nina Miles-Hilpern

London based artist and Art Consultant at Ransom Art Gallery, Nina explores concepts of the human body and the grotesque through her drawings and sculptural artworks. An intrigue with definitions of uniqueness in beauty and self-perception fuel her dark, surreal imagery and challenge those experiencing her work to question the harmonies between attraction and the conventionally flawed features of the human form. Nina’s style often straddles the boundary between the beautiful and the gruesome, exhibited through recurring elements of intricate faces, distorted bodies, and the recurring use of her signature dusty pinks. By focusing in on self-conscious aspects that are naturally considered unattractive, she attempts to make them appear artistically beautiful. The creative process involves explorations and inspiration from various art influences, ranging from hyper-realistic, figurative styles to contemporary sculptural installations. A lot of Nina’s metaphoric meanings behind her works are often relatively dark with elements of surreal imagery that stem from her ultimate fascination to challenge what we all classify as ’beauty’. Nina is currently working on a few new creative projects, and is also available for commissioned artworks on request.