Nick has combined two inspiring subjects, art and design with his love for marathon running, through this Running Paint was born.

Graduating from the University of East London with a degree in Graphic Art & Animation, Nick found he trade as an artist and designer, based in London for a decade. Running Paint was started to both satisfy his creative need to depict his passion for running and to inspire others to take to the street, parks, mountains and anywhere else with their running shoes. 

Taking part in a sporting event like a marathon can be a life-changing experience, whether the reason for taking part is for the challenge, a life goal, for the love of it, to fundraise or in a loved one's memory. The reason for taking part may be different but with the training, dedication, willingness and the feelings of achievement, are all very recognisable and relatable throughout the running communities and it is this I wish to reflect back through the artworks and the project Running Paint.