Studio 262

Visual Flux (Michael Thebridge)

Flux, meaning constant change, is the force that drives my artistic practice. I produce my artworks by blending digital and physical media and publish them under the moniker 'Visual Flux'. I chose to put work out under an alias so that the work becomes less about my personal experience and more universal.

Embracing change isn’t easy; having studied painting, at Winchester School of Art, I was sure I would continue to make art using traditional techniques, but it wasn’t until I started creating work digitally that I felt that what I made was a more truthful reflection of how I experience the world. Flux, or change, is at the heart of my work and how I process and create images. I don’t feel I am particularly unique, just trying to do what every artist has done: externalise my internal experience of the world, which is always changing. I believe Art should effect positive change in people, so that they can make positive changes in their world.