Maeve works as a visual storyteller, printmaker and illustrator. She combines model making, photography and digital techniques in all of her visual stories. She’s fascinated by narrative structures and how different kinds of characters are represented within them. This is all heavily informed by her time working as an actor.

Her inspiration comes from a limitless number of different directions:

Nature, eccentric animals, David Bowie, Film Noir, Brothers Quay, Nina Simone, Rembrandt, street furniture, Picasso, Paula Rego, super heroes, fairy tales, Jan Svankmajer, Dutch landscapes, junk shops, Fuseli, Patti Smith, George Orwell, Trnka, Shakespeare, Titian, Alexander McQueen, Prince, Helen Mirren and Jennifer Lawrence among many others.

Apart from working on her range of limited edition Giclée prints, Maeve is currently working hard on her first picture book.

You can find more information about Maeve on her website:

Maeve is a member of the Association of Illustrators