Louisa Tebbutt

Louisa is a London based mixed media artist, versatile, imaginative yet highly technical, she is also currently working with oxidized steel alongside this her commissions and exhibits include digital collage, graphite as well as painting and portraiture.

Louisa combines traditional art education with an emphasis on figurative studies including the long established skills of anatomical instructions with an experimental approach.

National and international level, include: London, The Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, Chicago, Boston MA (Copley Society of Art) , New Jersey, Tel Aviv, Budapest and Vienna to name but a few, she has many works in private and corporate collections around the world.  Louisa has been commissioned by many celebrity clients including musicians and Hollywood A-list.

Louisa’s debut collection received considerable attention with works accepted for the screening project at the Saatchi Gallery, London. Her work heavily relies on inspiration from urban art. A related term is "sgraffito", which involves scratching through one layer of pigment to reveal another beneath it.  This is exactly the process used when working on oxidised steel – constantly grinding away the surface to the past scribes of paint and collage from the previous point, giving the work further depth each and every time.

Her latest collection and technique has developed over 12 months and has pushed the oxidisation process to extreme new levels.  Louisa has perfected “painting in with nature to allow the rusting process to create the image”.  

“Most paintings are failures; they aren’t perfect; flawed in one way or another. Hence painting is a practice; it’s about doing something over and over again, exercising and strengthening the way we see. It’s about learning to see, noticing new things about a subject every time you draw and crafting a link to “what is out there”, forming a connection with the world and making comparisons. It is about learning how to handle materials and working both with and against the tendencies of those materials, recognizing the possibility for improvement.  It involves a constant questioning of the world of appearances and things, “believability” is the main goal of any rendering.”

“Oxidized steel is a material that holds traces of passing time, traces that consist of varying textures and patterns. Layering the paint the emerging image entwines itself with the medium.”

Young International Art, Sotheby’s
Andrew Grant Award
ECA Windsor and Newton Award
Jerwood Drawing Prize

All works, original and signed hand finished limited edition glicee prints are available at hatchlimitededitions.com