"One thing, my name in English is usually pronounced something like “shell” although in Norwegian the “Kj” has a softer sound which is not easy for an English speaker to pronounce.

I am a Norwegian painter, now with a studio in London as well. My style is abstract and I am an expressionist. My medium is acrylic, and I am usually spreading my colours on canvas.

I’ve worked in figurative style as well, but I love the artistic freedom that abstract style offers me. I think it becomes clear to anybody that looks at my paintings that the expression varies a lot. In a way I allow myself to be a bit “undisciplined”. I do my hours, but in the studio I do what I want to do. If for instance for one reason or another I don’t feel ready to go on with an ongoing work, I take a new white canvas. That’s a big thrill.

I use some different strategies. Some works are sketched in detail, and the finished work actually looks like its sketch! Sometimes the finished work might be quite different from the sketch. And sometimes I have no sketch at all, perhaps I have a plan inside my head, but sometimes not even that. I just know which colours I want to use.

The colours are the letter of my artistic language, I think. Together with the figures and lines they state an expression. Working abstract does not mean that everything goes. There are something telling me what is better and what is not so good. That is an aesthetic feeling. I think it is right to say that I am guided by my feelings in my work. And I shall admit that I am easily emotionally caught by things that happen, either happy or sad things. And afterwards I can see those things are there in the painting I worked with, even if I did not deliberately put it there.

I have experienced that even a very tragic event in my mind have resulted in a painting that perhaps many will experience as not so sad. I feel no need to identify my feelings or thoughts about a picture to others. Most of my works have titles that are open for different interpretations. And I like to think that those who look at my works are completing them by their own interpretations. This is a great thing with abstract art, it is open for everyone to be a co-creator who invest ones own feelings and experiences. I invite you to do this with my work.

There is more to say, another time. If you have questions or get some thoughts by reading this that you want to communicate to me, don’t hesitate to write me a mail, kjfolk2@gmail.com. You will get an answer.

You are also welcome to view my work at my studio, by appointment. Please contact me at by email at the address above.

“The aim of art is not to represent the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”