During the study of her MA, Juliet decided to entirely devote her artistic expression to the depiction of the way traumatic memories evolve through time and developed a technique for expressing the metaphor and poetry of it. This involved a complex layering technique using spray paint, pencil and paint around household objects leaving their negative image behind.  For the last seven years, Juliet has been collecting keys, pins, nails, ring pulls etc from the streets of London, specifically on her regular walking routes, each journey yielding discarded or lost treasure.

Juliet's paintings up until a year ago, depicted dense balls of these objects – the keys being the most totemic of them all, full of the emotional weight of personal displacement. There have been paintings of ghetto doors (Moving On, Riga, Łódź, Ghetto), showing the heart of an absent community, scorched or etched on to the vacant door’s surface. Other paintings show the folds of the paper in those telegrams, which have been opened and read a thousand times. (RM II Folded, RMVII Folded and RMIX Folded), which were painted on to ironed fold creases on the canvas. Other work has shown the playful elements of discarded objects, like parts of toys, paper clips, fireworks etc. Again using the negative image, but with a more colourful and youthful spirit behind it, to echo a child’s ability to adapt to any circumstances in any environment.

With Juliet's current work, the ball is now shattered and spread, able to be inspected and analysed. She has uniquely used one form only to describe the emotions – thousands of tailoring pins. Juliet is also using architectural forms as a cipher. The structures depict a viewing point which could be from a space station, deep sea diving vessels or inspection hatches in a nuclear power plant, used to survey strange and dangerous subjects from a safe distance. What we can see through the window is repellent as well as fascinating and seductive. It is this tension between wanting to see and being afraid of what you will see if you look for too long, that she is currently seeking to express.