Jane clatworthy

"I was always a prolific drawer as a child; I was never without a pencil or paper, and in fact up until my teenage years hoped to go to art school. When I was 18, ‘Life', as it does sometimes, intervened and for the next 25 years took an entirely different trajectory to the one I envisaged. Sadly one that didn’t include the art world.


Whilst living in the BVI I showed an artist friend the paint brushes I had been collecting my whole life, even though I never painted (I suspect the Muse had been whispering in my ear for a long time). The friend encouraged me to actually give painting a try, and then by amazing coincidence, an American artist whose colourful work I really loved (Caroline Jasper), was suddenly going to be holding a workshop on a next door island. It was an opportunity (and a message) I couldn’t ignore. Whilst I was on the workshop, I realised that painting was what I should have been doing all along and now I feel I have a lot of lost time to make up. After a few years of teaching myself, the thought of art school being a possibility, even at the age of 48, started to cross my mind, though I was unsure and nervous. I was still working up the courage to apply to art school when on a trip to London I visited the National Portrait Gallery. Whilst stood in front of Rembrandt’s “Jacob Blessing the Sons of Joseph”  I was, unashamedly, moved to tears by the compassion with which Rembrandt had captured the trembling moment. Being so moved by that painting made me realise that all I wanted to do with the rest of my life was to paint, so I immediately left the gallery, hopped on a bus and went to visit The Heatherley School of Fine Art.

In 2014 I was accepted at Heatherleys to do a Portrait Diploma. In 2015 we moved to the UK so I could start the course. I graduate in July this year."