Studio 110

"This is a theme that I am drawn to and keep returning to repeatedly. I feel that I am constantly seeking a more complex and richer expression of the mysterious forces that affect our lives and the butterfly is the perfect metaphor for our human existence where the only thing in our lives that is certain is change. Photographic imagery is usually my starting point, I then distort the image to create a sense of flow and movement and incorporate snatches and fragments of the insects’ delicate forms.

The use of colour and the surface texture of the painting are the most important things for me. The painting process is lengthy and multi-layered with much reworking and I cannot predict the moment when I will be satisfied with the result. When there is a perfect tension between the image itself and the surface, that is when the painting has finally come to life and the process is complete."

Jan works mainly in oil on canvas of various sizes, if you have any questions about her work, or want a commission undertaken, please don’t hesitate to contact.