Idun Eustace BA Hons Painting

A large proportion of Idun's work has up until now related mostly to the memories of places & people as well as dreams. This year, she has chosen to work with colours she doesn't usually work with, such as the yellows, greens and mauves. These may depicted as a single colour on a textured surface, or Idun may use a simple mixture of just 2 colours and playing with these to see what emerges. These smaller paintings, worked with both palette knife and brush, still relate to the above, but are produced using the Alla Prima technique, eg: the paintings are painted in one session. Some may be left and added to at a later date, in the same way that Howard Hodgkin painted his. Idun loves the immediacy of painting quickly to see what emerges in the moment, therefore she has many paintings on the go at the same time. Paintings sometimes need thinking time and at other times spontanaety is best. 

Idun very much soaks up the ambience or the feel of a place and expresses this in her work when she's ready. This could happen quickly or it may take years. Her still life paintings are usually produced directly from objects set up in her studio or perhaps from a drawing of these. Idun works with her left as well as her right hand, although she is naturally right handed. This applies equally to painting as well as drawing.
Idun's work can be found in private collections in the UK & abroad. 

Since 1998, Idun has lectured in fine art; oil painting and life drawing. She exhibits regularly, biannually at WAS and with galleries. In 2016 & 2017, she was shortlisted for the NEAC, at the Mall galleries. 

Please contact Idun if you wish to be added to her mailing list for future exhibitions.