field of ponies

Field of Ponies is an independent London-based label, which embodies a post-apocalyptic take on fashion. The brand uses current street wear trends to distort reality and project an aesthetic that is both humorous and twisted.

FIELD of PONIES is designed and made almost entirely by hand by Julie Bérubé - AKA Mother Pony.

The narrative is drawn from reflections on civilisation and its imminent implosion. Witnessing the death of our planet, we artificially enhance ourselves to create better selfies. 

Field of Ponies delves deeply in to these modern questions. The seasons align into a seamless story, released in chapters one by one. Traditional techniques such as quilting, hand stitching, stuffing and appliqué combine with an aesthetic drawn from the latest sportswear trends.

Mother Pony styles and art directs all brand-related content, and over time she has developed her own signature styling language. Using the lifeless character of fabrics such as jersey and sweatshirt, she creates silhouettes and shapes with exaggerated proportions and weird layering. This is an ongoing conversation in surrealism where humour and darkness co-exist.

Julie has completed the Mastered: Streetwear program mentored by Virgil Abloh, and is part of the young creative collective CORTEX. She has collaborated with artists such as Bexey, Ho99o9, Brooke Candy, Salvjiia, Palma Wright, Cheeky Maa and more. She works on side projects as a visual artist, costume designer, stylist and art director.