Studio 414
Instagram: @ethan.honary

Ethan Honary

Ethan Honary is a figurative artist based in London.

He studied at LARA (London Atelier of Representational Art) and learned greatly about proven academic drawing and painting techniques. He utilises these techniques to create works for a contemporary audience.

His background is in Artificial Intelligence and the corporate training industry. Even though he had worked on a variety of digital art projects, it wasn’t until he attended a life drawing session years ago that he discovered a whole new world. He then started spending more time on fine art until it turned into much more than just a hobby. He now pursues art professionally.

Ethan’s main interest is to create representational figurative art, while still keeping it well within the painterly realm. He presents works in charcoal, oil and pastel. His works depict elegance, positivity, beauty and calm. He likes to show reality accurately but keep some parts vague or unseen so that viewers are encouraged to imagine the rest through their own interpretations. He aims to achieve what he calls a “painterly painting”.

When looking at artwork that has a single figure you can connect with it directly. The more people are present in a given work, the more likely that you may feel like an outsider. A single figure connects strongly with a viewer. Devoid of any specific background and setting, the work then becomes timeless and powerful.

Ethan exhibits periodically showcasing his latest works.