Emma-Leone Palmer is an award winning London based artist. Her exciting ‘Paint Play’ series uses paint; lube; glitter; and water, smeared, dripped, flicked and splashed onto the subjects face, as a prop to trigger reactions and emotions. Through this theatrical process elements of the subjects personality shine through otherwise untapped in traditional portraiture. The paintings are made from the moment they are lost in themselves.

The paint acts as a prop to break down barriers that the stale, traditional portrait style, painter-sitter method does not. “I am not interested in painting ‘bowls of fruit’ but living, breathing, expressive human beings, and I love the fact that this ‘Paint Play’ brings out the sparkle in each individual whether it is in a serious/sensual/crazy/sexy/playful/spiritual/childlike/fabulous manner”

Some of her recent exposure includes: #Tribe16; Emboss Magazine, Portrait16; Mall Galleries, SWA London Art Award Winner; Art Gemini Prize. Her work is in collections around the world, has been featured on TV and she has many interesting commissions from celebrities to, most recently, a 9 year old boy with ‘Chelsea’ blue smeared all over his face.

Looking for a more exciting portrait comission? Throw some paint on your face, shout, sing.. be yourself, let who you really are shine through and become my muse…

For commission enquiries email emma.leonepalmer@gmail.com