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Emily Fleuriot is a London-based artist and writer, who is currently evolving her creative practice - feeling her way to a body of work, mainly through drawing, printmaking and writing. Against the backdrop of everyday life, Emily has been steadily flexing and tuning her creative muscle memory, returning to her long held passions for art and storytelling.

“I’ve never felt particularly homeless, but, then, I’ve never felt particularly at home. I guess that’s a pretty good description of a poet’s sense of home. [S]he carries it within [her].”

Elizabeth Bishop

Having completed an intensive drawing programme at the Royal Drawing School in summer 2018, where she focused on drawing both people and the city, she is currently exploring how and where they intersect. She is interested in how we ‘create’ and define ourselves in the context of our everyday surroundings, and the conflict of being ever-evolving and human in a system of repetitive behaviours and a culture of increasing anxiety.

Following her Foundation in Art & Design at UWE, Bristol, Emily studied Fashion at UCA Epsom, where she focused on examining how we ‘make ourselves’ using clothes and adornment, expressed in her designs, illustration and research. Having graduated in 2000, she pursued a career in publishing and marketing, intuitively and empathetically using her creativity in service of brands seeking to connect with people via content and experiences. A series of crystallising experiences meant a realisation that this was not enough for her - and that she wasn’t giving herself space or time for creativity on her own terms. That had to change.

Emily is returning to art and writing following a decade-long hiatus which she broke four years ago, beginning with evening classes at Royal Drawing School. Her commitment to taking a studio at Wimbledon Art Studios is an important step towards her intention to not just to give more time to art and to understand herself better through her creative practice, but also to examine the arts in the everyday. Her belief is that we can all be creative and use that creativity as a tool to understand ourselves, express our feelings and beliefs, and alleviate anxieties.

Making art will save us.