Jacqui Kelly sculpts Beyonce from 40kg of cheese

Resident food sculptor, Jacqui Kelly of Totally Sugar London, recently made the news after creating a pregnant Beyonce out of 40kgs of cheese... more commonly known as Brieyonce!

The sculpture, that was commission by the East Village London cheese carving competition, hit the headlines last weekend causing quite the stir!

We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek of this cheesy Beyonce in progress. 

Jacqui Kelly creating a statue of Beyonce, made from 40kg of cheese!

Jacqui Kelly creating a statue of Beyonce, made from 40kg of cheese!

The finished product, on show at the East Village London cheese and wine festival

The finished product, on show at the East Village London cheese and wine festival

We caught up with Jacqui before this cheesy affair; here's an insight into Totally Sugar, the Queen and Jacqui's ventures in America. 

Hi Jacqui, tell us where it all began...

Started to cake decorate as a hobby eight years ago, with a full time job as an Event Manager at The Royal Albert Hall. I was invited to create the Coronation Crown on top of the official HRH Queens Diamond Jubilee cake, I quit my job and set up Totally Sugar.

 So what is Totally Sugar?

Totally Sugar is me, basically! I create large scale sugar show pieces, food art installations, international sugar artist and teach too. 

Where can we see your work?

Buckingham Palace!! Queen wouldn’t cut the cake and it’s still on show in a special cabinet. Plus adverts, showcases, competitions, magazines - I write regular tutorials and pieces for the cake and sugar industry magazines including front covers. 

So what have you been working on recently?

Teaching internationally: Austin, New York, Miami, Orlando - sound more like a tour of the theme parks! I don't know what's next, as the projects normally come in a week before they are needed.

Have you won any awards?

Guinness World Record holder for the World’s largest cake (10m x 12m!) and I'm a multi award winner -14 Gold medals at Cake International and Winner of Best In Show at Cake International 2014

Most famous clients or projects we might recognise?

Lots of celebs when I was practising my skills at the RAH

The Queen!

Green & Blacks - edible chocolate Trees, BBC - Proms & Radio 3, TV centre& Broadcasting House, Walkers Crisps (the dragon) Cadburys (the chocolate jumper)

Kerrang the 35th Birthday cake cover.

World Meat Free Day(the life-sized Pastry Fat calf)

Fox TV - Jack & Ozzys world tour - headless bat cakes

NCIS anniversary

Walking Dead series release 3 & 4

Dinosaur week (dino bones) T-rex autopsy - (life sized TRex body parts)

Cake & Bake Show- show cakes 2015 giant chair and cake storybook character giant choc Gruffalo and Paddington Bear, 2016 6'4 BFG head from Marzipan, Vue Cinemas - Carved scary pumpkins

Jamie Oliver’s sugar campaign - 3 larger than life sculpted people from sugar

Would you recommend Wimbledon Art Studios to other artists?

Definitely! The comradery is priceless, the diversity unparalleled. That you can close your door and work hard or walk around and chat for inspiration, 24 hours a day.

So many talented artists that can offer artistic advice and practical help but also career & business advice.

You may start small perhaps as a hobby or an escape but you have the ability to grow with in the studio as your business grows. I am now in my third and dream studio and working full time at my passion.

For more information on Jacqui and her impressive portfolio visit totallysugar.co.uk