Ayse ozlem yuksel


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Art has been a strong passion for Ozlem for all her life. She has been engaged with different forms during her professional career as a marketing executive at global corporations after her education as a computer engineer . 

Then she returned to her passion and focused on marble art which she has been performing more than 15 years, starting with being in workshops of profound teachers of the marble art and coming to the level to have her own workshops for her students. 

She is a keen artist to reflect her perceptions on life and spirituality through the abstract forms of marble art which has great tools and forms for these reflections. 

She had exhibitions at different platforms besides the workshops that she has done for different groups from art students to children and adults who would like express themselves freely in this mediative art form. 

She carries on her journey in the magical world of marble art, while she continues to lead workshops for people who want to enjoy, learn and contribute their inner self development through the marble art’s inspirational thinking.