Antonia’s paintings are informed by images drawn from 1960s French and Italian art films (a form of collective archive), super 8 reels from personal archives, and found or personal photographs. Such mediated images provide a space for the recovery of memories: fabricated memories become interwoven with personal ones resurfacing involuntarily, collective and personal experience become intertwined in the painting process. It is the same painting process that allows a distant past to be brought back into the present and the once familiar to become unfamiliar, prompting new narratives to emerge.

Hovering between abstraction and figuration, reminiscent of post-impressionism where colour is essential to the creation of atmosphere, drawing upon the psychological and the cinematic, her paintings are like evocative reinvented fragments of memory.

Born and raised in France, Antonia has graduated from Wimbledon College of Art in June 2014 and previously completed her Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at Chelsea College of Art. She has been long-listed for the Clyde and Co award 2014 and for the Signature Art Prize 2015. She has recently become a Made in Arts London artist, a selective gallery promoting the work of University of the Arts London students and recent graduates. Her work is held in private collections in the UK, France and Austria.