Angelika wants to draw attention to the beauty of nature, which surrounds us as, often in the hectic stresses of everyday life, these intricate details are missed and the environment and the gifts it provides us with are forgotten.

There is an element of surprise in capturing a split second of nature inaccessible to the human eye, as it reminds us that every moment is unique and must be valued. It is therefore crucial to pause for a moment and delve deeper into the nature around us and to really appreciate it. This is why she chose to focus on water, the start of all life. Water is the most basic human need and yet it is wasted an under-appreciated; so why not look at the space surrounding you, as it is highly likely that you will be in the presence of water; water which has the power to put out flames, quench thirst, purify and heal. So observe it, like Angelika does, and perhaps you too will discover its power in captivating your interest.

Angelika studied Art for Public Space in London, where she gained her BA (First Class Hons) degree and shows her work at galleries and art fairs in London and biannually exhibits at Wimbledon Art Studios’ Open Studios Art show.

She had practiced in printmaking, stained and leaded glass before specialising in photography. Her preferred subject matter is nature with a particular passion for water. She takes its patterns and shapes in its true colours without manipulation.

You could describe her work as “a window into the soul of nature”. She challenges ideas of human perception and stimulates emotive sensibility.

“There is far too much manipulation and distortion of reality in our daily lives, presenting an urgent need for recognising and appreciating nature in its truest form.”

Her work features in private collections in Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Singapore as well as in the UK.

Angelika’s work is available as limited edition prints in different sizes and finishes, from Lambda and Giclee prints to prints on aluminium, for both indoor and outdoor spaces as well as custom design installations.

In 2018 Angelika developed her first multimedia installation as part of her Solo Show in St George’s Hospital. She is very interested in raising awareness of water’s potential, even in form of imagery or an installation, in our daily life. - See youtube link at the top.

Plastic pollution of course is a very current and urgent theme. Therefore she designed “THERE IS ONLY ONE WATER” (a 3D outdoor installation and video projection) for Wimbledon Art Fair. - See youtube link at the top.

To learn more about Angelika’s work please get in contact with her.


9. - 12. May WIMBLEDON ART FAIR at Wimbledon Art Studios

15. - 18. Nov: WIMBLEDON ART FAIR at Wimbledon Art Studios
2. - 16. Oct: STILL WATERS solo exhibition National Trust, Morden Hall Park, Stableyard Gallery
10. - 13. May: WIMBLEDON ART FAIR at Wimbledon Art Studios
15.Jan - 15.Feb: STILL WATERS solo exhibition at the gallery of St. Georges Hospital, London. View the two minute exhibition video via this link

16.Nov - 19.Nov: OPEN STUDIOS at Wimbledon Art Studios
11.May – 14.May: OPEN STUDIOS at Wimbledon Art Studios

12.May – 15.May: OPEN STUDIOS at Wimbledon Art Studios
31.May – 12.June: PATHS & RHYTHM at the Fountain Gallery, Hampton Court
8.June – 25.June: CLOSE UP: Etherial at Gallery 106, Fulham, London
27.June – 1.July: TOMORROW’S CHILD at the Houses of Parliament, London
10.Nov – 13.Nov: OPEN STUDIOS at Wimbledon Art Studios
1.Dec 16 – 17.Jan 17: STILL WATERS – solo show at Salmontini, Belgravia, London