Adrienne paints in oils on canvas or linen and creates abstract land and seascapes. Places she has been to feature in her work where she has been deeply touched by their astounding colour and form and endlessness of sky. Turner has always influenced Adrienne with his wonderful skies which are full of 'air' yet laden with meaning. 

After the ethereal sky, the land is so important for its grounding, solid qualities. It is familiar and known and safe.

Colour is huge for Adrienne, for its inherent beauty and energy and emotional resonance. The colours shape the painting with their hues, tones and intensity creating the form and content. Adrienne applies the paint in thin layers for both intensity and transparency. She loves to merge colours to form new ones, un-named colours that express the potential for limitlessness in this non verbal language. 

The inherent beauty of nature, colour and energy cannot be contained, it overflows... 'the beauty leaks out and won't be contained'. 

Art and Design-  St. Martins’,  London
Post Grad in Photography-  St. Martins’,  London

Iona House Gallery, Woodstock, Oxfordshire
Luminaire Gallery, Belgravia, London
Turner Barnes Gallery, Chelmsford, Essex
Sister Gallery, Barnes, London
Lion Street Gallery, Hay on Wye, Wales
The Mall Galleries, London
The Gallery, Cork Street, London
AFF Gallery on line
Bank of Ireland, Dublin
Royal Free Hospital London
Front Cover ‘Risk Magazine'

Work has been commissioned by Art Consultants, Interior Designers, Corporate Clients, an author, Retail Company and private individuals and is on display in the UK, Ireland, Germany, United States and Middle East.