Our Team

Derek Smith

Studio co-ordinator

Derek is responsible for the letting of all the studio spaces at Wimbledon Art Studios. Most people meet Derek via one of his guided tours when they come to view a studio. Day to day Derek is involved with licence issues, rent and bankers mandates and is assisted by the Studio Administrator in these matters.
Derek helps resolve any problems and makes all decisions concerning studio space.

Derek Smith - Wimbledon Art Studios

Emily Robson

Studio Administrator

Emily works part-time as the Studio’s Administrator. Any matters that arise in connection with the renting of the studio space itself Emily will be willing to help! She is responsible for all administrative matters such as setting up studio licences, bankers mandates, collecting rent, termination of studio licences etc and also for the day to days things such as issuing car parking permits, gate passes and electricity cards. During the Open Studios Art Shows Emily is completely hands on and helps out with everything. Infact Emily is pretty much indispensable to everyone here at the Studios!

Emily Robson - Wimbledon Art Studios

Sandra Peddy

Finance Manager

Sandra is responsible for all finance related issues. During the Open Studio Art Shows Sandra processes all the electronic money transactions and generally helps to pitch in with anything else thrown her way!

Sandra Peddy - Wimbledon Art Studios