Studio: 401

Hazel Mountford is a contemporary painter of wildlife. Born in Kent, she received a BA (Hons) from Wimbledon School of Art. In 2009 she won the prestigious ‘BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year- British mammals’ award.

Working in acrylic on handmade gesso wood panels, Hazel captures the essence of each animal she paints through a combination of meticulous anatomical study and acute attention to detail. Known for working on irregular shaped panels, Hazel uses the shapes themselves to convey meaning to her paintings’ story. Living and working in London, she is keenly aware of the complicated dynamics between humans and wildlife within an urban environment and her paintings are a communication of this. She says “I’m fascinated by the evolving relationship of space between humans and animals, Earth’s jigsaw, how we all fit in together”

Hazel’s work has been featured in Art of England, Artists and Illustrators and the BBC Wildlife Magazine. Her paintings have been exhibited in London, New York, Toronto, Singapore and Hong Kong. She is currently shortlisted for the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year 2016.