Studio: 270

My works generally involve plants with flowers and human anatomy (medical records or devices, human skin etc).
It is my way to reflect on the ephemeral condition of Beauty and my effort to try to keep it forever and to prevent beauty from decaying and fading through the art process that makes it eternal. Plants and flowers are for me the perfect example of how beauty can be fragile and ephemeral. Humans are also ephemeral creatures but have a brain capable of eternal things, sometimes good, sometimes unfortunately bad.
For all my projects I grow myself the flowers. It is part of the process and sometimes I expect delays and failures. Sometime I have to wait for the right time to plant a specific bulb or seed and this causes delays in my projects but this is how I work and I love it.
I do a lot of research in Internet about the species I want to use for my art and always give information about them with my artworks. All the flowers I grow are botanical species that exist in nature and most of my research takes also place in botanic gardens,like in Kew Gardens and Chelsea Physic Garden.

ProAesthetic is a project that speaks of land mines in Afghanistan and the focus plant in this project is tulip. Wild tulips originate in Middle East and most species come from Afghanistan.
I have been growing tulips from Afghanistan and surrounding regions for this projects and working with The London Prosthetics Centre in Kingston. Each device is portrayed together with a cut tulip, symbolising the destruction of the bomb and the reconstruction of the artificial limb in a sort of herbarium or botanical collection.

SKIN is a project that envisages a metaphorical symbiosis between flowers and human epidermis, where the plants live and grow harboured by the thin layer of the epidermis in an ongoing cycle.

My works with x-Rays are my oldest ones. I have used a series of my own x-Rays to create intimate self portraits where flowers appear and blend with the black and white images of the skeleton to convey fragility but at the same time a dream like state where the images talk about human mind and the power of creation against the ephemeral conditions of life.
I also have worked on commission doing portraits on somebody’s x-Rays.

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