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Penny Stapleton

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Originally from the West Country I first studied art at Bournemouth and Poole College of Art before taking a degree in Fine Art at Kingston. I also hold a degree in theatre design from Wimbledon School of Art.

My work has been exhibited at The Theatre Museum, The South Bank Centre and in numerous group exhibitions.

Artist’s Statement

Welded, repainted, battered and bruised, with dents and dings and crooked bumpers which have been rear ended.

Like a favourite tool they are set just so, personalised with equipment, brooms sticking up like standards. The workman’s site cabin, office and lunch venue. They wear the mud and dust of building sites out onto the highway like a badge, filling almost your entire field of vision as you travel along the road.

They are fascinating subjects both because of the contrasting materials and the conflict between chaos and order within them. I enjoy painting the metal, rust, plastic, tyre rubber, wood and of course the dirt which holds them together. The hard formal edges of the vehicles structure and the chaotic jumble of the contents.

I have formalised the trucks, my paintings are both accurate and yet an abstraction of reality.

The Open Road
These grey ribbons snake through our country, covering thousands of miles, like a tangled drawn line. They are anonymous and yet familiar. Sometimes we recognise stretches with out even really being aware of their locations.

Helped out and hemmed in by white lines and cat’s eyes. Nudged this way and that by white arrows. Stopped by red warning signs and given the go ahead by green destination indicators, every now and then an old milestone reminds us of how long these have been a right of way.

I think it is intriguing that right across the country there are mile after mile of these roads linked by the modern standardisation of the grey tarmac, official markings and road signs. Yet few are straight and level. Subtle variations can mean that one of these views may represent a familiar way home or the failure of your sat nav.

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Penny Stapleton

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