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Elisa Cantarelli

Studio: 270

"Dotting" is my personal way to colour an image.

From a photograph, through the computer, to a printed image and then painted: "dotted".
The best part of my process is "dotting", the part I love the most and viewers too: dropping the paint (or glitter) colour on colour, shade on shade covering the whole surface with dots.
I am filled with satisfaction when a viewer asks to touch my work. The image is first in my mind, then caught on camera, transferred to a computer screen, then printed on photographic paper, then "dotted", becoming three-dimensional which is the main attraction for the viewer
With my technique I can play around with two different main types of subjects:

  • Graphic; where the dots add the tactile three-dimensional sensation to a bi-dimensional work.
  • Pictorial; where the dots work as a sort of powerful decoration emphasizing the image underneath.

My technique involves the viewer from a visual perception to a tactile one giving substance to both the graphic and pictorial subject.

I usually work on series on multiply shoots ideally to give a route for an exhibition and also to be able to come back and forth working on old and new shoots at the same time. And I like to look back and work on old images but in a different way.

My ideas come from my surroundings and since I moved to London from a small town in north of Italy my inspiration has been given a boost; but I am deeply attached to my roots.
I like visiting contemporary exhibitions and fairs to keep updated and inspired by other contemporary artists and the media. At the moment I am experimenting with my technique on different subjects, surfaces and objects, trying to stretch the boundaries to see how far my DOTS can go.

This is the link, which explains my technique in the best way:

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Elisa Cantarelli
8OTTO8 - 2009 (cm 50x50) 

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  • 8OTTO8 - 2009  (cm 50x50)
  • T (Con-tac-t detail) - 2008 (3rd part of triptych: cm
  • 9 (detail)
  • N Hill'10 - profile - 2011 (cm 60x60)
  • I love this game #2 - 2010 (cm60x60)
  • H Xmas: Red dress 2 - 2011 (cm 55x40)
  • Fag between toes - 2011 (cm40x55)
  • Cigarette..Fag -  2010 (cm 50x100)
  • H Xmas: CS2 (detail) - 2011


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