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Annette Dall' Oglio

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I graduated in Creative Photography at the London College of Printing (now London College of Communication) in the 1970’s and was a professional photographer throughout the 1980’s.
Following two years of portrait and life drawing part time at Putney School of Art and Design, I began landscape painting in oils and watercolours in Provence, where I have painted every year for more than twenty years.
Over the years I have also attended part time classes in contemporary drawing, etching, experimental printmaking and oil painting at St Martins School of Art and Farnham Art College,
In 2007 I became a part time artist and have been a full time landscape painter since 2011.
Many things inspire me; the landscape is one of them. I just love the colours, scents and sounds of Provence, where I return again and again. But the hugely varied landscape of the UK has its own charm too, as does its many urban landscapes. I have worked under the large skies of East Anglia and Yorkshire, in the quaint villages of Dorset, in the wilds of Scotland and Wales, and in the townscape of London. When painting outdoors, whether at home or abroad, the challenge is always the evolution of a visual language with which to express what is for me, albeit briefly, an experience of all the senses. I want to convey not only a sense of place to the viewer, but also the sheer delight of being there.

1998 – The Luberon Group (three woman show) Edith Grove Gallery, Chelsea
2006 – 2013 twice yearly shows, Society of Fulham Artists and Potters (SOFAP) Fulham
2009 - Hampshire Open Studios, solo exhibition
2010 – Celebrating Fulham with Hazel Leach
2010 – Fulham Palace Art Fair (The Luberon Group with Hazel Leach)
2011 – Fulham Palace Art Fair, solo show
2011, 2013 Art on the Street, Maidenhead,
2011-2013 Wimbledon Art Studios, twice yearly Open Studio

Forthcoming exhibitions
Wimbledon Art Studios 21-24 November 2013
Society of Fulham Artists and Potters 19-24 November 2013
My work is in private collections.


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Annette Dall' Oglio
August Sunshine 

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  • August Sunshine
  • Blue Door
  • The Yellow House, Murs
  • Dora Maars House
  • Inside Out, Outside In
  • Ochre Mine
  • Olive Tree Goult
  • Oppede, Main Square in Sunshine
  • Rileys Field
  • Road to Croagne
  • Washing Monnieux


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