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Allan Storer

Studio: 118

Pure Non Representational Art

These paintings have no preconceived plan or design, more an accumulation of decisions and marks made at the moment with squeegees, palette knives and so on, and then a lot of these decisions and marks eliminated.
The paradox is the painting, "the painting works in spite of itself " Gerhard Richter.

In Richter's work I find resonance sympathetic to my Surrealist and Jungian studies.
Our interpretation of life and in turn "what is art " relies a lot upon social concept more than the mystical and spiritual. Philosopher Erich Fromm said, "to be creative, one must let go of certainties."
"I know nothing" Allan Storer

“Nothing is ever perfect / if a thing is perfect it's finished / nothing is ever finished / if a thing is finished it's dead / nothing is ever dead / if a thing is dead / its many parts continue in other forms / everything is constantly changing / change is the only constant thing / in life.”
— Bob Devereux. St, Ives Poet

Tel: 07866 506841

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Allan Storer

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