Studio: 251

Graduated Central St. Marina 1998

My delight in painting comes from a continuous investigation into the endless possibilities of using texture, paint and composition, be they drawings, landscapes or still lives. I aim for a composition of enduring simplicity that relies on the highly complex relationships between colour and form.

I like to experiment with a variety of materials, building up a working surface with a mixture of mixed media, sometimes including shellac and plaster, and jute hessian, rust dust, vinegar, emulsion, acrylic binders, Chinese inks, charcoal and varnish, to name but a few.  I draw into the wet  surface with oil pastel and oil paint, then this is followed by scratching and scraping away the surface, followed by more painting, until the desired image is eventually achieved.

I have exhibited the length and breadth of England and Scotland, Paris, Amsterdam and Singapore. I have  also shown at the Royal Academy of Arts summer Exhibition several times and chosen for the The Discerning Eye  and other exhibitions at the Mall Galleries  London.

I work daily from my studio in southwest London.