Studio: 607


Studied Art and Design at St. Martins, London Post Graduate in Photography at St. Martins, London


I paint in oils on canvas or linen and sometimes on silk or wood. My latest work is abstract paintings suggesting land and sea scapes. “It is imagination, it comes from nowhere and is not worked out in advance and decided upon in terms of content or shape or colour – it forms itself, the colours merge and it is allowed to be.”

I like the image to form itself as I start to work and build up layers of colour and shade. I am interested in painting in a seamless way avoiding lines and edges and even brush strokes. Lines and edges define things and influence how we perceive them so I like to remove any lines and edges by merging colour and form and so make suggestions to the viewer that might trigger a memory or feeling of somewhere or something. This smooth, seamlessness I think suggests a transience and so fluid subjects like air or skies or memories can be caught and held for our gaze. The work is about potential expressed in a non verbal language and because it is not prescriptive it is more open to allowing our own creative and emotional interpretation.

There is an inherent potential in nature, it cannot be contained, it overflows. The lines and edges are dissolved allowing the light, colour, shadows and reflections to reveal the essence. “The beauty leaks out and won’t be contained.”

Mobile: 07799 146339